When You Know It Will Hurt, And You Still Do It…

How many times you did something you knew it’s bad for you? Bad for your health? Your family? Your business? Not bad choice where you thought everything will be ok, but being aware of the consequences and still going ahead, ignoring all the red flags, all the bad experiences from the past… I admit, do […]

One Word Can Change Everything

Well, it was few words. A sentence. But not exactly my point here. When you feel stuck, the best is to DO NOTHING. We are programmed to take action, push forward, hustle, look at what we did wrong… but in the times, when you feel like you are not on your own path, the best […]

It All Starts With YOU

Find the need, they say. Decide on your market, they say. Choose your niche, they say. Serve your customer. Go live.. Have a group. Build a list. Start Youtube channel. Post on all social media. Create funnels….. And I agree with them… to some extent. And you should definitely do those… at some point. But […]

It’s Perfectly OK If You Want To Quit…

I’ve done it again 🙁 Felt for the next shiny object. I follow this amazing lady and she gave away some of her courses and I didn’t want to miss out. Although I  promised myself a while ago, that I am not investing in new courses, not following what everyone else is doing, not getting into any […]

Imagine Your Best Self

Who do you want to BE? How do you want to LIVE? Imagine your best self living your best life! What do you need to change? What do you need to remove from your life? What do you need to add to it? How do you need to act/react? [br] Journal about it Describe how […]

Celebrate Your Life!

You can tell your life story as series of tragic, unfortunate events or like a lessons you learned from that events, how you’ve risen from them and grew even bigger and better. It can be tragedy or comedy, drama or inspiration.     Imagine you are 90 years old and you are receiving life award. […]