Grow Your Roots First

They said it’s easy. Even a child can do it. Can’t fail. And I tried. As I always try new things, especially if they involve flowers, veggies or trees. I love gardening, and I’m always looking for ways to make it easy, effortless, with best results possible. So… after we ate our avocados, I stabbed […]

Good Enough Is Perfect

How many times you created something and it didn’t end up exactly as you imagined? Not even close to what you dreamed of? And then you start beating yourself… I didn’t tried enough. I should prepared more. I should ask someone who knows better. If only I would learn more. And do it differently. Why […]

Consistency is the Key!

When we start a new venture, new project, see new opportunity… we all get excited and powered up. But then the initial thrill wears down and we jump to the next shiny thing. Or stop doing what we were supposed to be doing day in day out. We start focusing on the hardship, boredom, how […]

Celebrate Everything!{DreamLifeCreation} celebrate

Do you remember back in your days, when your parents made a big fuss over every milestone you hit. When you started to walk, read, ride a bicycle… when you went to the dentist, made it to the football team, performed in school play, got your golden stars… everything was a great reason to celebrate. It didn’t […]

Little steps are enough!

We are already well in the holiday season and it’s time to take a look at your life and this past year. Did you accomplish your goals? How many dreams did you make true? How much did you cross from your wish list? What about those resolutions? If you missed your targets, don’t beat yourself […]