Grow Your Roots First

They said it’s easy. Even a child can do it. Can’t fail. And I tried. As I always try new things, especially if they involve flowers, veggies or trees. I love gardening, and I’m always looking for ways to make it easy, effortless, with best results possible. So… after we ate our avocados, I stabbed […]

When You Know It Will Hurt, And You Still Do It…

How many times you did something you knew it’s bad for you? Bad for your health? Your family? Your business? Not bad choice where you thought everything will be ok, but being aware of the consequences and still going ahead, ignoring all the red flags, all the bad experiences from the past… I admit, do […]

One Word Can Change Everything

Well, it was few words. A sentence. But not exactly my point here. When you feel stuck, the best is to DO NOTHING. We are programmed to take action, push forward, hustle, look at what we did wrong… but in the times, when you feel like you are not on your own path, the best […]

{Coffee Chat with Dream Life Creators} Episode 3: Your Message to Inspire with Jelena Dimitrijević

Building an attractive authentic brand can be a real challenge. It actually heavily relies on the person building it and the personal message the brand carries. Discovering that message and articulating it well is something that can anchor the success of your personal brand/business. Our guest today, Jelena, began her own journey of discovery when […]

{Coffee Chat with Dream Life Creators} Episode 2: Find Your Style with Karolina Chic

Fashion. Style. What is it really? As Edna Woolman Chase said ‘Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.’ Today I have a chance to talk to Karolina Chic, an Image Strategist, who helps people find their style, create their image and branding that transforms into personal and business success. Myself being a fashion ‘virgin’, I ask […]

{Coffee Chat with Dream Life Creators} Episode 1: Create the Magic with Tam Veilleux

What does MAGIC mean to you? How can we get more into the space of creating magic? I met Tam back in my parenting coaching days when she published her children’s LOA book Molly Kite. After that our audiences grew up a.k.a. we moved into grown-ups territory, but we both still rely on law of […]