Who Will You Become In 2018?

Here it is.. 2018, the best year of your life, the year you’ll finally be, do and have everything you’ve ever wanted. You’ll finally stick to your resolutions, reach your goals, make that breakthrough… And I honestly wish that you do. But I also have to break it to you… You won’t if you focus […]

You are Your Story

Words have power. And when you say things to yourself like “I can’t…”, “I never…” or “I always…” you are repeating your story all over again, keeping your stuck in the situation, where you “can’t”. Everything starts with your beliefs. And they can help you or ruin you. It’s your choice! If you believe it will […]

Believe it before you see it!

Did you notice how many people say »I’ll believe it when I see it.« when they are faced with something new, unfamiliar or strange to them. While this can be true for certain situations, there are many more when this can’t apply. But how do you do that? When you are faced with some new […]