Facebook 101: 22 DON’Ts for Online Marketers

As we are hidden behind computer, inside the safe walls of our homes or offices, we often feel like we can do things on Facebook (or any other social media) that we would not do in normal, offline social life.

So.. some of those might come to you as no-brainer, but I think it’s important to have bigger picture in mind.

Remember: these are important for building your brand and authority, but at the end, it’s your profile, and you can do whatever you want.

✘ Don’t use FAKE or INCOMPLETE name

We want to connect to real person, someone with first and last name, not with some animal of fairy creature.

✘ Don’t use CARTOONS, ANIMALS or other IMPERSONAL images as your profile picture

Again, we want to see who’s the person we are talking to.

✘ Don’t use your COMPANY NAME in your name

Should I repeat? We want to talk to person, not xy’s rep? At the end, we don’t really care who you work for, we want to connect with you.

✘ Don’t leave your PROFILE INFO EMPTY.

Tell us something about yourself. Have your country listed. And where you went to school. And definitely your Facebook page, other social media accounts and your website.


Keep your home address, birthday year and family relationships hidden. Never share your bank account number. Consider what can be mis-used or abused.


Don’t post 100 times per day. Few times per day is enough.


I’ve seen plenty people doing it, specially claims about income in short time. They can be disguised but don’t fall for get-rich-quick propaganda.

✘ Don’t PROMOTE your business all the time.

Maximum of 10-20% posts should be about your business, others should be about adding value to others. There is no better promotion than showing people that you care. And you can’t do that with screaming “Buy my stuff!!” all the time.

✘ Don’t post something that could be USED AGAINST you or someone else

Facebook is public place and everyone can see what you are sharing. You never know who might be looking at you and your behaviour. This especially goes for images!


Be respectful to everyone! And if you don’t have to say something nice, don’t say anything!

✘ Don’t post about POLITICS, RELIGION or SEX!

Those are off-limits topics and they should stay off your wall. I know you have your own opinions, but restrain from saying it.

✘ Don’t use Facebook for BULLYING or BASHING someone


You know… the ones where Mark Zuckerberg is giving away 1M or Bill Gates will donate $1 for every like. Or flight tickets from pages with 435 fans?!?! Allways check if what you are sharing is true!

✘ Don’t TAG OTHERS in your posts/images or post your promotions on their wall

It’s simply rude to abuse their friendship for your own good (unless you asked and they agreed)

✘ Don’t MESSAGE promotions, especially not to many at once

Use messages for connecting, and offer something of value. And if you think your offer will genuinely help them, share that.

✘ Don’t EXPECT immediate response to your posts/messages

Others have their own life too and they will comment at their own time and when it’s convenient for them.

✘ Don’t use wall for PRIVATE conversations

Use other communication ways, like messages or phone texts…

✘ Don’t post TOO MANY PHOTOS (especially SELFIES)

It’s simply strange when you post 94 (almost same) photos from your trip or event.


Facebook is not Instagram, and hashtags are not as powerful as there, so use only few, and not in between your text, as it can get hard to read. Use 2-3 at the end of your post.

✘ Don’t make FRIEND REQUESTS to strangers

At least find something you have in common. And make sure you send message along with explanation, why you are reaching out.

✘ Don’t ACCEPT FRIEND REQUESTS from strangers.

You never know who’s on the other side. Check their profile and see if you have any friends in common.

and for that reason…

✘ Don’t make your profile TOO PRIVATE

If someone is trying to see if you are real, genuine, honest person, then you need to allow some of your posts to be visible to public. Otherwise your wall is full of (only) spammy posts where others tagged you and you seem like someone not trustworthy.

Should I add anything to the list?

But don’t worry, this seem like a lot of restrictions, but those are just reminders. I’m sure you don’t do any of them 🙂


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