{Coffee Chat with Dream Life Creators} Episode 4: How to Sell Your Courses on Amazon with Maxine Clancy

The usual day to day business for a coach is one-on-one personalised communication. Thus, expanding your business and reaching a wider audience is a ‘head-scratcher’ that every coach faces. Good news! Online courses can actually help you do that.

Another Dream Life Creator appears on Coffee Chat Episode 4 - Maxine Clancy! She sells her online courses on Amazon. Click To Tweet

Maxine, a transformational relationship coach, is sharing with us her success of expanding her reach as a coach via online courses. This strategy helps her make a positive difference in more people’s lives. The twist in her success story is the unconventional platform she uses. Maxine chose Amazon and in this chat, she will let us in on her reasoning behind it. She also uncovers her ‘How to sell your courses on Amazon’ tips and tricks.

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In this interview, Maxine will share the impact that creating online courses makes to your business. She will talk about the process of building an online course, marketing it, sell it on Amazon, as well as, making it into another revenue stream that grows business.


About Maxine:

Maxine Clancy is a transformational relationship coach, founder of The Divorce Detox, How To Get Over Divorce Stress in 7 days and The Love Course, all online courses which teach men and women how to get the love they want, especially after a divorce or a break-up.

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