These last few years living healthy seems to be all the hype! However, we never realize that healthy eating and exercise are not the only methods to mix into your life to get healthy. Joy Book-Tamas takes up an unconventional approach.

She says Refresh, Rejuvenate & Restore! Joy is a health and wellness coach specializing in the healing art of essential oils.  Joy will also let us in on her story of how she came into this business and why she is so passionate about it.

She offers a 6 step program to tend to your Health, Home & Healing. In this interview, Joy Book-Tamas shares how to boost your energy when all you want to do is hide from all the stimulants in your environment.  Energy boosting is one of the six steps in her signature program. She will help you to empower yourself to live the healthy life of your dreams.

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About Joy:

Joy Book-Tamas is the owner of Absolute Joy.  She has created
Absolute Joy Healthy Living a supportive online
community,  If you would like to know how you can have control of your Health, Home & Healing.  Go to  and discover how you can live a Beautiful Life of Natural Health, Self Care and Abundance.


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