{Coffee Chat with Dream Life Creators} Episode 3: Your Message to Inspire with Jelena Dimitrijević

Building an attractive authentic brand can be a real challenge. It actually heavily relies on the person building it and the personal message the brand carries. Discovering that message and articulating it well is something that can anchor the success of your personal brand/business.

Our guest today, Jelena, began her own journey of discovery when working in the area of online marketing. The clients she met made her realize that our story is a foundation for everything we do and everything we don’t do. Thus, Jelena started to explore her own life story. It resulted in a blueprint that listed all the things that she can help people with by sharing her life’s journey and the lessons she has learned. All this led to the creation of an inspirational program and named Message To Inspire, which later on became her business model.

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In this interview, Jelena will talk about how your personal story plays a huge role in your ability to build, and grow an authentic, original, relatable brand, as well as attracting and converting clients.

Jelena will share secrets of looking at your own story at an angle that makes it sparkle, even when you think your story is not a special one (Believe me, it is!). She will touch on techniques of choosing the story that speaks to people the most. Jelena also will give tips on how to adapt your own true-life story to be your ultimate marketing strategy and build sales funnels, create marketing materials that can never be unnoticed.

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About Jelena:

Jelena is a mother, a wife and a business owner. She strongly believes that each and one of us has a story to tell and a unique message to share with people. Thus, she is helping entrepreneurs, service-based business owners, practitioners, financial advisors, health practitioners, coaches, and speakers do exactly that – find their unique message, that empowers them to market online, to communicate their offer, as well as to inspire people to take action and pursue their dreams.

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