{Coffee Chat with Dream Life Creators} Episode 7: Eliminate Limiting Beliefs with Lenny Suijkerbuijk

Depression – a rabbit hole most of us tumbled down at least once, if not repeatedly. How to get out of it and stay out for good? Lenny Suijkerbuijk talks to us about how to manage your emotions, breakthrough the mental obstacles and transform your life.

Today Lenny shares her story on how she fought depression and not only overcame it but gained clarity, control and perspective of her own life. She shares her current mission and vision of how she can help other women. Lenny also presents a profound method called Creatrix®️, the new psychology for women.

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In this interview, Lenny will go into specifics on how the gender-specific method she works with breaks through women’s depression, negative emotions, beliefs and traumas within a very short period of time. And how she gets fast and lasting results her clients want.


About Lenny:

Lenny is working online with clients worldwide to help them breakthrough their deepest blocks, limiting beliefs and paralyzing emotions. Lenny believes in taking out the root of the issues instead of fighting symptoms. She is striving to be a reputed and recognized Woman’s Transformologist®, International Breakthrough Specialist, personal development trainer and an inspiring & empowering motivator, continuously pursuing long-lasting and impactful transformations for our clients to help them create their desired dreamlife, lifestyle, health desires and well being with unique female transformation solutions.

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The purpose of this call is to explore what you really want to achieve in your personal and/or business life in the next 3 months. Lenny will help to identify your major blocks and what the specific challenges are that you’re facing. After this call you will have more clarity to find the best action plan for you.




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