{Coffee Chat with Dream Life Creators} Episode 5: Embrace Your Inner Rebel with Petra Monaco

The ‘rules’ made up by society feels like pressure for all of us. Being a perfect friend, perfect spouse,  perfect parent… We all want that, but at what cost? Usually, the most people that look the most perfect are actually the most unhappy.

Rebel,  a word that has many bad connotations. Can it be seen as a positive quality of a person? Can we call a person, who goes for what he/she wants against all odds and all the struggles of life, a rebel? Petra Monaco says YES!

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Today Petra uncovers how being a rebel and fighting the outdated ‘system’ of rules that dictate on what is perfect can change your life. She shares with us her story of accepting herself and ‘what is’, as well as creating her own term of ‘perfect’. Now she helps others to do the same – rebel against the rules and rise above them, gaining confidence and creating a vision of you and your life on your terms.

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In this interview, Petra will share what embracing your inner ‘rebel’ means and how you can get started today with small and perhaps radical changes in your life and business.


About Petra:

Petra Monaco knows from her own personal experience, that you are only one decision away to find your place in the world and that whenever you’re ready, it’s ready for you!

After living in the shadow of her past she was faced with having to take a good look at herself as her youngest son was fighting for his life with a rare genetic disorder. She learned the past does not create the future and that she’d have to reinvent herself, rewrite the stories she was telling everyone (especially herself) and start taking action towards what she wanted to create.

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