Have you ever heard about equine therapy?

Equine therapy is a powerful way to get in touch with your thoughts and feelings. Instead of using your mind to address a problem, you do it with your body and heart to feel and react in the moment. Horses have a unique ability to sense emotions and react accordingly. They reflect your emotions back to you, thus showing the direction of change you need to take to transform your life!

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Coral Bell is an Energy Mentor who has found a unique way to help people heal. She uses horses and dream-mapping. She has been successful in helping people to go from frustration and boredom to a life of possibility and inspiration.

Today Coral will let us in on her take on dream-mapping and the power of inspiration of this method. She will tell us her own story of getting inspired by dream-mapping.  Shel will also share with us how the energy of horses can be used to shift your life even if you don’t have access to any horses locally.

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In this podcast, we chat about Dream Mapping and how Coral can use the wisdom of the horses to help you uncover your dreams and goals.




About Coral:

Coral Bell has lived in Johannesburg, South Africa all her life, and been lucky enough to travel to Europe and most of Southern Africa. She cannot imagine living in a more beautiful and yet diverse country.

Learning energy healing started for her own growth until she realised that other people could benefit from her experiences too. Then she discovered her natural ability to help people heal and the added value of working with an amazing herd of horses. She added Dream Mapping to her tools when she saw her own results.

Her big dream is to shift perspective globally! Each person that she interacts with goes away with an insight and they, in turn, pass that on to their circle!

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