As a woman, haven’t you been on a roller coaster of yo-yo dieting? Stuck in this hamster wheel of trying all these different diets, different exercises, different detox regimes to look like other ‘beautiful’ and ‘skinny’ people do. Certainly, I have…

Gina Mann says, that we do not have to suffer like this. She has been exploring her food vs. body relationship for many years. Finally, after roaming through all the conflicting advises that different information sources have provides she has discovered a program that is right for her. This program not only got her in a great shape but also have given way to new and healthier lifestyle choices overall.

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Today Gina is sharing with us her success story of losing weight. She talks about the nitty-gritty of food, exercise and mindset that leads not only to getting your body into shape but also finally giving your mind and soul peace about what and how you eat, feeling great in your own body and gaining confidence in that way.

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In this interview, Gina Mann reveals different methods and techniques that she has been practising daily to achieve her feeling healthy, light and energised. She talks about Intermittent Fasting, understanding food and what your body needs, supplements, as well as simple exercises that do not discourage you in the long-run.




About Gina:

Gina Mann’s passion in life is her determination to vitality and sharing her mission with everyone she meets!  Gina has been married for 38 years (child bride)!  She once lived in a motorhome and loves travelling.  Catering and restaurant ownership with her husband is how she started out in the food industry.  Now, she moved on to an amazing second career – working from home on her health & wellness business.  She practices yoga, takes walks twice a day and does mindfulness meditation.  Gina cannot eat wheat or dairy and chooses not to drink alcohol. She loves her life! Every morning she jumps out of bed with enthusiasm and excitement about her day.  Especially since her newly acquired trim body!

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