Do you come across everyday news stories and feel a knot in your stomach listening to them? Whether it’s a personal crisis you find yourself dealing with or something on the national or global scale, there are ways to move through the chaos and find your personal calm.

Carol CC Miller strongly believes in seeing love over fear, health over illness, abundance over scarcity and always peace over conflict. She delivers a message to us today that we can do it too. Carol shares some tips on how to remain calm when chaos seems to be in charge.

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In this interview, Carol will let us in on her story on how she started all her ventures in the self-development and positivity branch. The special stories she came across while pursuing her calling of helping people find their calm. Especially, how she gathered a dedicated team of volunteers offering thought leadership and mind-body-spirit, service-charity and fun social events to create Positive focus. And also, how she turned a local event into an annual global event, Global Free Hugs, with participants in 6 continents, over 35 countries.

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About Carol:

Carol CC Miller, a positivity facilitator, peace activator, global hugger and smile-creator, has touched millions by helping them to heighten celebrations and lessen sorrows
and live life with maximum joy and passion through her nonprofit, Positive Focus, personal coaching, writing and speaking. She cultivates and promotes seeing love over fear and thus living a happier more fulfilled life.

Carol has a strong reputation as a positive force in every life she touches. Along with her personal consulting practice and Positive Focus, Carol created Global Free Hugs in 2008 inviting the world to embrace each other and spread kindness one hug at a time, thus allowing people to feel seen and to know they matter.  She has also produced events for Lynn Twist, Gregg Braden, Gabby Bernstein, and others.

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