Do you ever watch romantic comedies and wish it was you finding ‘the One’ and your ‘happily ever after’? But the only thing you have in your life right now is a long history of failed relationships? And you cannot help but think you do not deserve love or it is not for you for some reason?

Newsflash Rosemarie Ballmer wants to deliver to you today: ‘You deserve love! Your dream man is out there and you can definitely attract him into your life!’

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Today Rosemarie will share with us her story of meeting her dream man. After years of being single and really wanting love and a long-lasting relationship in her life, Rosemarie met her soulmate Daniel online, shortly after her 46th birthday. This was 3 months after she had set an outrageous intention to finally make her biggest dreams in love come true.

Rosemarie Ballmer says that you deserve love! Your dream man is out there and you can definitely attract him into your life! Click To Tweet

In this interview, Rosemarie is going to show you the #1 reason that is sabotaging your love life – both, in finding & in keeping love. She will present you 2 of the easiest and most effective tools to release these saboteurs.




About Rosemarie:

Rosemarie Ballmer is an international Love Coach, #1 bestselling author, and speaker. She helps conscious single women over 40, who haven’t had a satisfying love relationship in years, finally attract their amazing man & co-create a never-ending love. Her success can be attributed to her „Soulmate Magic“ program, which is specifically designed to help women break the vicious cycle of always attracting the wrong men.


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