If you are anything like me, you have shelves and drawers full of journals, diaries and empty notebooks, iPad packed with productivity, goal setting and tracking apps and countless of post-it notes all around. And you still feel lost.

Every year I bought few journals and notebooks to make my plans. But when I started to fill them, I realised, my thoughts and ideas are scattered around, my plans are in few different places and my to-do’s are everywhere. Then I created (for the third year now)

2017 Dream Life Map (Workbook/Planner/Journal and more)

so everything is in one place, following my own planning process. It includes:

  • full workbook (over 280 pages) and
  • separate workbooks:
    • workbook for your visions and dreams
    • goal setting and tracking workbook
    • journey through your year with monthly and weekly plans and review


But now you have the chance to create your own

Dream Life Map!

Use the templates from the original 2017 Dream Life Map (Workbook/Planner/Journal and more) and adopt them to your own needs. Print them out as you go! Make your own journal!

Dream Life Map Templates

This FREE gift includes:

  • visions and dreams page
  • page to set your goals, together with pages for details and action steps
  • monthly and weekly planning and review pages

Put your details below and you’ll immediately receive your downloadable file (in pdf format), so you can start creating your very best year!

Wishing you all the best for 2017!


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