Before You Even Start Your Online Business…

Being entrepreneur can be amazing, but it‘s a lot of hard work, sweat and tears too.

Do you have what it takes to start your online business?


Are you ready to sacrifice your free time, money, energy (and sometimes friends) to work on your dreams?

What‘s your WHY?

Examine deep and hard your motivation. What is driving force behind it? If you are doing it for money alone, quit before you even start.

When you have your WHY bigger than that, it will carry you when the times will be rough.

Do you have someone you can go to when you are down and ready to quit?

Going on the entrepreneurial path can be tough. When you are not making any progress, or even if you go backwards, you need someone to listen to you, You need someone to guide you, someone to hold your hand or give you that push when you think you can’t go any more.

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Are you ready to learn?

Starting your own business will also require lots of learning.

You‘ll do things you’ve never done before. You’ll experience things you’ve never experienced before. You’ll encounter new tools, techniques, you’ll need to develop new skills and habits.

Are you ready to start from zero?

Do you have enough funds for basic tools and investments?

Lots can be done on free, but eventually you‘ll have to invest in your biz.

What about time?

When will you work? Schedule it into your calendar!

To your dreams!



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