They said it’s easy. Even a child can do it. Can’t fail.

And I tried. As I always try new things, especially if they involve flowers, veggies or trees. I love gardening, and I’m always looking for ways to make it easy, effortless, with best results possible.

So… after we ate our avocados, I stabbed few toothpicks in them, added the water and waited… and waited.. and waited…

Nothing is happening? What did I do wrong? Maybe they were the wrong sort? Or maybe treated with some chemicals (although I bought bio and eco)? Why are they not growing? Did I put them in the wrong place? Too much water? Hurt by toothpicks?

You know… those questions you ask yourself when something is not going as you planned.

But… surprise!!!! They started to grow roots (just look closer, that little string beneath the fruit)

Duh… Why haven’t I thought of that? Of course, they need roots first!

Every plant does…

Every plant knows they need roots first to hold what’s above the surface.

Every plant knows how important roots are. To fight the winds, to stand tall, to shoot high, to bear the fruits… Click To Tweet

How come we forget it so often?

We start a business and think it will grow and give us fruits before we do the groundwork.

Before we grow the roots.

Before we set the foundations to carry the weight.

Before we got the fundamentals covered.

Before we are ready to flourish.

Learn from mother nature, she knows the best!

Grow your roots.

Build foundations.

Do it on your own time, at your own pace.

And don’t think investing time and money into those essentials is ever wasted. Those are the things that distinguish successful growing businesses from one-hit wonders.

Without the solid foundation, you can’t withstand the problems, survive through storms and endure the challenges. Click To Tweet

To your dreams,