Consistency is the Key!

When we start a new venture, new project, see new opportunity… we all get excited and powered up. But then the initial thrill wears down and we jump to the next shiny thing. Or stop doing what we were supposed to be doing day in day out.

We start focusing on the hardship, boredom, how far we need to go… and keeping on track becomes a chore we dread.

Then we stop.

And beat ourselves because we know we should be moving and going forward.

We keep thinking how difficult it is. What we need to do. We get discouraged when we don’t see the end line. And we procrastinate. Keep pushing the beginning further and further away.

Then it gets even harder. We fall in this hopeless hole that just gets bigger and bigger.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
Robert Collier

So instead of stopping and starting, stopping and starting, stopping and starting again.. or even worse, quitting all together,


Do something every day.

Keep going.

Keep making those little steps.

No matter how small they are, they are leading to your destination.

When you stay consistent and keep the momentum going, the new habits will start a positive spiral of effects:

  • It will get easier and easier.
  • Every step you’ll learn something new.
  • You’ll get better and better.
  • You’ll start seeing the results and you’ll want more.
  • You’ll give more.
  • You’ll get even more 😉

So instead waiting for the inspiration, energy or whatever is on your way to keep doing things consistently, just start doing it. Here are 3 simple steps:

  1. Give yourself 3, 5, 15 minutes for the task.
  2. Create an anchor that will get you into the action. It could be a simple gesture, you could take a notebook and pen, start certain program on your computer, get dressed for exercising…
  3. And once you do that, commit to those few minutes of doing what you’re set to do. Stick to it.

If you get into the flow, continue. If you are struggling, stop when it’s time. Whatever you do, it’s fine.

When you start, more often than not, you’ll want to do more. Stay longer with your task. It will get easier and easier.

And before you’ll know it, you’ll create a new habit that will slowly, but surely get you closer to your goals.

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To your dreams!


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