At the end, would you live it again?


I just watched this amazing video, that reminded me of the true meaning of VISION and DREAMS.

Not “one day I will” dreams, not even “I’ll try” dreams or “when I get … (insert here whatever comes to your mind – money, education, kids, new house, new job, new computer, new webpage…)”. Not even “too big to even start” dreams. But…

The dreams that we are living.

I strongly believe that we can live our dreams right NOW. We can live them in our heads, imagining and pretending that they are true, we can see the glimpses of the BIG DREAM in every action we take, we can enjoy our lives every moment.

Dreams are not some sort of destination, where you hope you’ll arrive at the end, safe and sound.

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Sound strange? Because once you reach your dreams, you’ll have another, bigger… Dreams are given to us in the portions. It might seem too big for you now, but trust me, when you reach them, you’ll have bigger 🙂

The true meaning of dream life is living in the NOW, enjoying every moment while striving for something more.

You want to publish a book? Cool. Can you feel being an author? Do you see yourself as an author? Can you imagine signing books in the bookstore? If yes, you are already living your dreams. You just didn’t yet received that outward validation that you arrived at the milestone that you set for yourself to be the proof you (or better, others) need.

Instead of seeing your dreams as a finish line, see them as the guideline to your reward.

So… back to the video.  This old lady saw videos (movies) of herself some 70 years ago. Her reaction is priceless, but what stuck with me were her words:

“If I could get out of this bed, I would do it all over again.”

She is not talking about the destination, the end of her journey, she was talking about her path, her life…

See the video here:

Now ask yourself:

Are you living your dreams, so you could say the same?



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