Sometimes it’s better you don’t see the whole staircase…

I’ve always been the rational, logical girl. I had to have a plan, steps, all the pieces together. What needs to be done, who, how, when… everything to the last detail.  In fact, I’ve enjoyed this part of the process (honestly I still do). I love figuring out how to put together the puzzle called plan.

It also meant I’ve spent too much time researching, pondering options, reading reviews and listening to what others are doing. I’ve explored different paths to my goal, I’ve even tried some to see if they are leading me to my goal the way I wanted.

It also meant I was overthinking. Way too much questioning. Worrying. Pondering.

And often I talked myself out of it. Seeing all the steps made me stop and reconsider if I really want to go all the way. I lost the excitement and enthusiasm.

Which kept me stuck for months, if not years. When I kept going, it was struggle because it was more of a chore than creating something in the flow, effortlessly and fun. Not to mention how many times it didn’t go as planned. (Hint: it never does.). And if I didn’t have a plan, it was struggle too, because I felt lost.

But… we learn as we grow and I realised that this is not working for me. I changed how I approach what I do. Now when I have an idea, I go for it. I don’t see the staircase at all. I just know where I want to end up, what I want to create and how I want to feel doing it.

Just like The Marathon. I had this idea one morning while reading my friend’s book. She just published it and I thought I’d support her by buying it (I hope you do that too for your friends.) The topic was nothing new to me but reading it I just had the light-bulb moment and The Marathon came to mind. In the split second I knew exactly what I want to do, be, achieve, have… every little detail of the creation.

Of course I had to figure out the details, but before I did, I posted about it on my Facebook wall. Not to brag, or get attention (although I was hoping for some encouragement too), but simply to keep myself accountable. I hate to admit, but I’m really lousy at keeping promises to myself, but if I promise something to someone else, I do it, no matter what.  Even if this someone is no one in particular, but my FB friends (who might see it or not).

I set up the dates, sent out invitations for speakers and I started talking about it to my tribe. Quitting was not an option. But let me tell you, I wanted to quit and throw in the towel almost every day.

Everything that could go wrong, went…

  • my website crashed few times (of course at most inappropriate times)

  • my internet was acting up

  • speakers quit

  • I waited for few presentations until the last minute

  • some videos (files) were so big I couldn’t stream it

  • while live, I forgot to unmute myself (several times)

  • we didn’t have much live audience because it was over the weekend,

  • the upgrade materials need so much space Dropbox crashed…

But.. I did what I wanted to do, I created something that I imagined, I was excited and proud. And I would do it all over again. Actually I will do it again.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Sometimes it’s better you don’t see the whole staircase. Sometimes it’s better you don’t know what’s ahead of you. Sometimes it’s better to just jump into it, hoping you’ll figure the way.

Because if you’d see the whole path with all the blocks, thorns, obstacles… you’d might change your mind. You’d reconsider if you really want to take that road. You’d stay where you are, cozy in your comfort zone.

Let me ask you…

What do you really really want?

Do you see the “result” clearly in your mind?

Does it excite you?

Do you smile (or even cry happy tears) when you think about it?

If yes, I’m pretty sure you know what’s your next step. Not the whole staircase, just one step. And then DO IT! And when things get tough, visualise your end result. Because you can overcome anything that comes your way if you keep your eye (mind!) on your dreams and visions. You just need to figure out the next step 🙂

To your dreams, 


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