Where have your dreams gone?

If you want short answer, it’s:

They are still inside you, hidden, waiting and hoping to be found again.

But if you have a little more time, read on.

Do you remember your childhood days, when you could be whatever you wanted to be. Your days were filled with games and role-playing. One day you would be a teacher, next day astronaut and next day a princ or princess of the enchanted forest. Or an animal. A mistery creature. Or even a superman or spiderman or any other hero.

Your imagination was limitless. There was nothing you couldn’t be. Or couldn’t do.

But then something happened. Not at once. You didn’t look in the mirror and suddenly decide: OK, now I’m too old to play.

Little by little, one remark after another, one comment too harsh or negative and you start hiding your dreams.

And then you became occupied with “serious” stuff you need to take care off. The outside life took over in your head. Dreams got buried deeper and deeper until you completely forgot about them.


Only once in a while when you saw kids playing or someone achieving something extraordinary, you thought to yourself:

“I wanted to do something big too. I had great ideas. I wanted to change the world. Now I’m too old… I don’t have money… I have bills to pay… I am… I am not… “

Excuses chopped the dreams every time they had the courage to raise their head.

But you still carry them. Your dreams. They are inside you. Patiently waiting… Hoping…

Do you really want to bury them forever? Die with your dreams inside? With regret?

If you only had a bit more courage, more faith, more belief in yourself… you could do it.

So why don’t you? It doesn’t have to be big, scary, if only you start with a little step that lead to another and another… and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to your dream life.

Start with these little 21 steps of Dream Life Creation.


With much LOVE wishing your every dream come true,


21 Steps of Dream Life Creation will give you simple, doable task, that will change the way you think about yourself and your future and help you re-discover your dreams and make a plan to move towards them.



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