What Does SUCCESS Mean To You?

Everyone wants to be successful, right.

But what does it really mean?
How will you know you are successful?
When will you reach success?
How do you measure it?

With money, number of followers on social media, the size of your list, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the office you sit in, the vacations you take…

Or by the impact you make, the lives you change, the people that are inspired by you, the love you spread…

For me success is like dream life - something you live and do every day. Click To Tweet

The little steps I take,
the actions that inspire others,
not big gestures, but doing something I’ve never done before,
showing up,
sharing the real me, with all the flaws, mistakes and failures,
being real and honest.

I love (and need) money just like anyone else,
but I don’t live for money,
I don’t work for money.
Heck, if I have to choose between my sanity and money,
I’d always choose sanity and peace of my mind.

I don’t need much in terms of material things,
but I love good food, great adventures, going out, spending time with friends, driving a good car, having the right equipment to do my work…

Those are the things that are important to me,
and although I get plenty of them as gifts,
I still need money to have more of them 🙂

But money is not my motivation!
My motivation is impact, inspiration, the influence..
when someone comes to me and say
“Because of you I’m trying this;
I’ve seen you doing it and now I’ve got the courage to do it too.”

That is my payment,
that is my incentive,
that is my satisfaction.


How would you work if you were a success?
Who would you be successful?
What would others say about you?

Success doesn't have to be some unreachable fantasy, success is what you make of it. Click To Tweet

But if you hide and do nothing,
you’ll not have money nor impact.
You’re unable to change any life (yours or anyone’s else),
if you don’t share your story, your skills, your experiences…

I talk to so many that feel like they have nothing to share,
they “are” too old, too young, too you-name-it…
You never know who might listen to it
and who might be inspired by it.
So what if you are not perfect!
That’s what makes you human,
that’s what people connect with – a real person, a real YOU 🙂

Don’t wait for success to come to you,
be the success you want to be!
Celebrate little wins,
congratulate yourself for small steps
and keep shining!

To your dreams,

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