Designer clothes, expensive jewellery, yachts, exotic vacations… it’s how we see the world of rich and famous.

How many times did you look at the magazine photos or TV shows dreaming that you have what they have? But at the same time you stressed about your bills, worried about the money situations and your job security….

Let me tell you, you can NOT focus on both at the same time. Let alone wanting something and giving all your attention to something completely different. It doesn’t work that way.


If you want the change, you need to choose to change.


Choose to think better thoughts.
Choose to feel better.
Choose to live happier.


Having unpaid bills or worrying where will your next meal come from is no fun, I get it. But worrying, crying, whinning and complaining won’t change a thing.

What if you choose to feel richer instead? You know, in a »fake it till you make it« style. Because it can be hard at first, when you are used to see more negative than positive. But let’s try. Maybe few minutes? What can you be happy and excited about? I’m sure, if you look around, you’ll see plenty of things that make you smile and make you feel good about your life.


How can you feel even better?

What can you do to feel richer?

How can you upgrade your life?


What if you…


[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=16px color=#FF00FF ] …put fresh flowers on the table? You don’t need to buy them, go out and pick some from the nature. I always help my older neighbour with simple deeds and she brings me flowers from her garden.

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=16px color=#FF00FF ] …Bring out the best china? Use it even if it’s not holidays. Decorate your table as if it is.

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=16px color=#FF00FF ] …Buy yourself a piece of jewelry? It can be cheap, for as few as 1$ (try ebay) or maybe you can redesign some old jewelry you have to make it more you.

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=16px color=#FF00FF ] …Have a new haircut or simply have your hair air-dryed?

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=16px color=#FF00FF ] …Have a home spa day (or evening)? You can make luscious creams or facial masks from the ingredients you already have at home, like veggies, fruit, honey…

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=16px color=#FF00FF ] …Buy yourself a new lingerie? It doesn’t have to be expensive or branded, it could be something cheap (or from the sales) but maybe a bit different than your normal

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=16px color=#FF00FF ] …Go for a coffee in a fancy hotel? Yes, I know, that can be expensive, but it’s really just few dollars more..

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=16px color=#FF00FF ] …Wear something more elegant at home, and not your high-school t-shirt?

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=16px color=#FF00FF ] …Have your nails done? If you have kids, they’ll be happy to do it for you 😀

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=16px color=#FF00FF ] …Buy new towels? One at the time…


As you can see, it doesn’t have to be something big and expensive.


What other things can you change to feel wealthier and more abundant?


Find simple ideas to upgrade your life.

Once you’ll feel better about yourself, about your life, about everything, you’ll discover ways to upgrade your life even more.And you’ll be one step closer to your dream life.


Your homework for today is to brainstorm 50 things you can change in your life to feel better and richer.

Which of those can you implement right away?


To your abundant life,




p.s. And if you dream of travelling and see the world, but you think it’s reserved for those who have a lot of money and time on their hands, you are wrong! I’ll be happy to show you how you can have amazing trips without breaking a bank. Go HERE and choose best time to talk.