Go for a Test Drive!

Last weekend I spent with a group of amazing women. My friend organised »unplugged« retreat for ladies only. And it was literally unplugged – in the wilderness, in the cabin in the middle of the forest, without electricity, internet and everyday comfort. We hiked, talked by the fire and did some exercises about our dreams. It was really a pleasant weekend, one of the many to follow, I hope.

But… as fun as it sounds it was scary. At least for me. I didn’t know anyone except my friend. The others are co-workers, wewnt to school together, have kids in the same sport club… They know each other but me. And they speak different language. Actually we don’t even live in the same country. Althought I understand their language, I don’t speak it fluently. It’s quite similar to my own, so I often used »my« words with »their« accent. Funny. Not.

They’ve also been at this place before so they knew what to expect. It was everything new to me.

More than once I thought »What am I doing?« »Am I crazy?« »Maybe I should just cancel or call it sick?« But I didn’t. And I’m so glad for that. I’m happy I got this experience. And I’m sure you can tell everything was just perfect.

I got a glimpse of my dream, a peek into the experience I want in my future.

Because retreats and workshops are on my goal list for next years.

When you can try something new, it gives you insight into your wishes.

When you’ve got a dream, feeling it before you actually achieve it is the key to attracting it.

We suggest people to visualise themselves having and experiencing what they want. But how can you imagine something you have no idea how it feels?

When you wish for a new car, we suggest going for a test drive (or at least sit in it in the shop). I often encourage people to take a photo and put it on the vision board (you can photoshop yourself into the car, but only actually sitting in it will give you the right feeling).

Of course there are things you can’t just go and try. But you can try it on a smaller scale? Or maybe just the first level?

How will you know your dream is really what you want? How many times we want something and when we get it, it’s no big deal. Nothing special. Or not what we imagined.

That’s why I invite you to go for a test drive. Do a little experiment.

Trying, testing and experiencing your next step will also give you the power to overcome any fears you might have. Making big step is not so scary as taking huge leap. It will also build your manifestation muscle.

What can you experience right now that will give you a sneak peek into your dreams?

[icon icon=icon-asterisk size=14px color=#000 ] If you want to be a published book author, what about publishing an article?

[icon icon=icon-asterisk size=14px color=#000 ] If you want to travel, where can you go to experience that place? Maybe start with the food? Or their music? Video?

[icon icon=icon-asterisk size=14px color=#000 ] If you want to be a mom, can you baby-it someone’s baby? If you want to have a dog, go to the shelter and walk one or do a favor to your friend and be its sitter.

[icon icon=icon-asterisk size=14px color=#000 ] If you want to run a marathon, can you start with shorter runs? Maybe 5k?

I’m sure you get it.

Go for the test drive and have FUN!


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