Start Your Gratitude Journal

I can’t emphasise enough
how important it is to be GRATEFUL
and to APPRECIATE things you already have in your life.

When you focus on the positive,
you can’t think of the negative at the same time.


As you go through your day,
you’ll start noticing all the little things that you can write later in your journal.
You’ll start looking for them.
Seeing them more and more.

Any I’m not talking about material things only.
I’m talking about all the little things
that make your life happier, more joyful and exciting.
Write down the things that make your life easier, more comfortable.
Appreciate people that come and go through your days, some bringing you love, some giving you lessons.

So… before we even go further,
get a nice notebook and
schedule each day 10-15 minutes to write in your gratitude journal.
Some days will be easier, some days you’ll have to think harder,
but make sure you write at least 5 each day.

Then share in the group one thing that you are most grateful for today.

✨ The more you appreciate things you have in life,
the more things you’ll have to appreciate. ✨



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