The Single Most Important Thing You Need for Success

No, it’s not money you have and invest in your business or whatever you are choosing.

It’s not education. Many people didn’t finish their school and yet they succeeded.

It’s also not about having an influential friends and family. Yes, they can help, but they are not that important.

It’s not your race, age or location.

It’s not your positive attitude although it makes things easier.

It’s also not hard work, many hard working people are poor.

The single most important thing for your success is your DECISION to make it no matter what. Click To Tweet

Of course, you also need other things, like…

  • WHY you want it, to motivate you,
  • VISION to see yourself at the end of the journey,
  • GOALS and PLANS to stay on track,
  • TEACHERS and PARTNERS to support you and inspire you and hold you accountable.


when you make that DECISION, you tell yourself and the world, that you are ready, that you really want it and that you are after it regardless of the energy, time and money you need to put into.

When you really decide – whole-heartedly and genuinely, you put in motion energies beyond yourself and your current knowledge and situations. You give the task to the Universe to support you and to orchestrate events you can’t even conceive of.

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. (Paulo Coelho)

Have you ever “just tried” something? Like in “I’ll give it a chance and we’ll see… but I know it won’t work.”

You give in to the pressure of others, to the success of others (ever saw “I did this and made XX dollars”) and to your own insecurities.

You forget that you already have everything you need. And when you don’t believe it, you believe others. OK, I’ll try this thing, And another… But you just keep trying…. You keep doing one thing and when it doesn’t work, you go on to another.. And you try again, “knowing” for sure it won’t work… It didn’t work the previous time, right: But everyone is talking about it, so why not. You don’t want to be left out or weird to not jump on the latest hype. You want to be able to say you tried EVERYTHING!!!!

Guess what?!?!

You didn’t decide you will succeed! You didn’t commit to it!


When you decide, you give it all you’ve got. You look for the signs. You call that person you know might help you. You see opportunities that are coming your way. You just happen to come across the perfect training, program, book, article… You do different things, knowing some of them might not work, but you do them anyway, because that’s the best thing you can do at that moment. You listen to your intuition and your gut feelings. You radiate your power and decisiveness.

Of course making a decision doesn’t mean it will all be easy. It doesn’t mean it will be a straight path. And of course it doesn’t mean it will happen over night.

When you decide, you find a way. You know there is no other option than succeed. You give it all you’ve got. And there is no way you’d settle for less or stop before you succeed.

And that’s why making a decision is the most important thing for your success.

What will you decide today?



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