Shift Your Vibration with the Focus Wheel Process

This is another exercise from Abraham-Hicks (from the book Ask and It’s Given), called

The Focus Wheel Process

The idea is to shift your focus from something you don’t want (and where you are now) to something you want, one step and one thought at the time.



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Start with describing what you don’t want and then from this, identify what you DO want (and you write this in the middle of the circle, as a positive statement).

You start at the top and write one sentence that’s true about you and that already matches what’s in the centre of the wheel.

Then you add another, a little more positive, statement. And another. And another. You’work your way up to your centre.

Don’t stop until you write all 12 statements.

Once you get momentum, it will get easier and you’ll get plenty ideas.

At the end, you should feel better and lighter. And more aligned with your desires.

Sometimes new issues emerge while you do the wheel. Then just do another one.

Remember, feeling better and attract more good things into your life usually don’t happen in one big jump, but doing small things consistently day in, day out.

Happy manifesting!



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