Say YES more often!

I know what you must be thinking. Didn’t she tell us (some time ago) to say NO more often? I did. I still believe it’s the only way to reach your dreams and get more done.

In recent years I was so focused on the business side of my life, that I left out many things that I enjoyed before. I read business books, entrepreneurial articles and how-to ebooks, I listened to biz podcasts and I was always looking for some inspiring quote or new tool to use in my biz.

Because I’m introverted I also strictly protected “me-time”, but it’ was (again) connected to my business. While walking a dog, I thought about my next blogpost, course or freebie that I can create. When I meditated (or did EFT), it was around business issues.

Luckily, I soon realised I need to include other areas more (btw. How does your wheel of life look like?). I started gardening, I look after my health better, I cook different (healthier) meals, I go to gym, I read romance, I even draw and I’m thinking of knitting again.

Yes, to find the time and energy to include those things, I needed to say NO to some of the others.

While it’s important to have the boundaries and to eliminate distractions from our already busy lives, it’s also important to try something new.

We all should dream more and experience more. And we can only do it by saying YES to the things that come our way:

  • new friends
  • new food
  • new books
  • event invitations
  • coffee shop chats
  • adventures
  • new opportunities…

How many times you “didn’t have time” to meet an old friend? How many times were you “too busy” to go out? And how many times you were “too tired” to try new thing?

We so often enclose ourselves in our routines, schedules and timetables that we forget about the world around us. We get engrossed in our own life scenarios, that everything else is a distraction. Or even threat to our plans and course of action.

Not to mention our own beliefs and fears.

How many times you were too scared to try something new? How many times you felt you would not be good enough so you didn’t even try? How many times we said NO just because we were too close-minded to listen to the other person or to see the “other” side of the things?



Saying YES and doing what we don’t usually do, surely requires effort, also time and organisation. But it has many positive effects on our lives:

  • we forget about our “normal” life, the obstacles and troubles that we would otherwise focus on
  • we learn new things, which has a set of positive effects on its own
  • we meet new people who give us different perspective, maybe even new aspect to our problem and its solution
  • we shake up and stir out routine
  • we get excited and stimulated by new adventures
  • and many many more…

The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

To what did you say NO lately, but you wish you would say YES?

What new opportunities, people, adventures… can you embrace and include in your life?

It doesn’t have to be something life-changing, even squeezing a coffee time with a neighbour can be a start to something new 😉

Say YES more often!

  • Read a different kind of book.
  • Listen to the music you otherwise don’t.
  • Support a friend and go to their biz presentation.
  • Go to a networking meeting or book club.
  • Explore your area.
  • Talk to strangers.


And most importantly,

say YES to your dreams!




p.s. If you are not sure about your dreams and how you can make them happen, let’s chat! Drop me an email and let’s schedule a session.

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