The Real Secret To Manifestation

You’ve probably heard about Law of Attraction and all the other laws governing our world. You’ve read (or seen) The Secret, Wallace Wattles, Napoleon Hill and other great books…
… but you still don’t get what you want 🙁
Let me share with you the real secret behind the secret 🙂
It’s not what you dream about.
It’s not what you think about.
It’s not what you put on your vision board.
It’s not what you say over and over.
It’s not what you write in your journal.
It’s not what you talk about.
The real secret is what you FEEL.
Yes, you read it right, what you FEEL.
You see, everything you say, write, talk, think…
it all happens in your conscious mind.
You need to get the message deeper in your subconscious.
You need to use all your senses
and BECOME what you want.
You want to FEEL it as if it’s already true.
You need to BE as if you are already in that position,
in the situation where what you need is already DONE.
Let me share an example…
I really want to win the tickets to Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s Concert. I remember watching it every New Year’s Day with my parents and it is the magical tradition that I adore. The “problem” is there is so much interest that every year they draw the lucky winners to get the tickets, that are also not cheap. So.. I entered my name (doing the inspired action) and now instead of waiting for the results, I SEE and FEEL myself being there, enjoying it and TELLING my friends about the experience. I see what I’m wearing (I don’t have the dress yet), how I’m taking selfies, sharing on FB and getting all the likes and comments, how I’m tearing up from all the excitement.. I don’t see myself as third person, I see my hand, my phone… I see it from my own perspective. And when my whole body starts vibrating and I can’t help but smile and radiate with joy, I know I AM THERE and IT’S DONE.
Here are 3 ways you can do this even if you don’t really know what to expect and how it would feel even if you’ve never been there 🙂


Having a coffee is something I do every day (multiple times a day actually), so it’s easy to imagine drinking coffee. Just change the scenery. Put your table in your desired environment. And assume that everything else felt in place enabling you to enjoy coffee there. In my example it is drinking champagne after the concert, sipping from fancy glass, talking about the experience. Because IT IS DONE.


Share about your experience with your friend, tell them how it was, show them photos, imagine the conversation and their reactions, answer their questions and share the excitement. Again, feeling it as IT’S DONE.


This one is a bit different, but what you do is, you remember the times BEFORE… it can be that YOU remember, it can be that your friend is telling you or it can be someone else talking about you…. You remember times before the breakthrough and success, basically laughing at the problems, troubles, obstacles that you had before success. In my example I could say “I remember when I didn’t know if I’d get the tickets. I remember worrying about the drawing. And then the mail came and I was so happy. I won! Now I’m enjoying the concert.” The trick is that you remember bad times, that are obviously over and now you are enjoying life as you imagined.
The funny thing is I live all those in my head all the time. When something isn’t the way I want, I just imagine it differently.
  • When kid’s don’t clean after themselves, I “speak” to my friends, sharing how great my kids are and how they always clean.
  • When I vacuum, I “remember” when I had to vacuum myself, and I’m so happy that we have a cleaning lady now.
  • When I suffer from cold and snow, I “drink my coffee” at the hotel balcony overlooking ocean, soaking up the sun and planning my next adventure.

Remember, it’s all about FEELING IT REAL and as if IT’S DONE.

Try it and let me know how it goes!
To your dreams,

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