Raise Your Vibration

How many times you wanted something, but the more you wanted it, the more you struggled? You did everything to get it, including getting obsessed with this thing? But… instead of receiving it, you were left empty handed.

Not because it was not the right thing for you, or the right time (although that could be true as well), but because you focused on the “lack” of this thing. When you want it, but you are approaching it from “…because I don’t have it” position, you are still in the negative, “not-have-it” mode. You are feeling the lack, you are sad, angry or even worse, because you know you deserve it and you should definitely have it, but why the f*** it’s not here yet?

We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we feel.

And when you are so low in your vibration (bad feelings have low vibration, good feelings, especially love and gratitude, have high vibration), you have no chance of receiving something that’s on higher frequency.

It’s like video game. If you don’t get the power-up, you can’t go to next level.

Feeling first, manifestation second.

So… if you want something that you don’t have, your job #1 is to raise your vibration. By getting to that next level, you have access to “next level stuff”. And then you climb higher and higher, one level at the time. Your focus should always be to go to the next level. Not 3 levels up or even more, you’ll end up even more frustrated. Just one!

What are some of the ways you can raise your vibration?

anything that makes you happier!

If you are doing the Experiment #1 – Demand Your Miracle, do this and forget what you WANT or NEED to manifest.

Gift can be anything! It doesn’t have to be awe-striking, breath-taking experience, it could be a simple note from someone, call from a long-lost friend, simple hello from a neighbour who didn’t notice you before, hug you never expected…

Can’t wait to hear about your miracles!

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