I’ve done it again 🙁 Felt for the next shiny object. I follow this amazing lady and she gave away some of her courses and I didn’t want to miss out.

Although I  promised myself a while ago, that I am not investing in new courses, not following what everyone else is doing, not getting into any new groups… that are not perfectly aligned with what I want and how I want it. But it was too good to miss, too thrilling to not get excited… just not what I needed 🙁

I again listened to someone else telling me what to do. And at first it was exciting… all the possibilities and options, everything that I can do and become… Except it was not what I really wanted to do and nothing I could become, because I already AM….

We are so often told to NOT QUIT. Quitters are losers.
But quitting something that’s not working for us should not be seen as a failure, it should be just another try that didn’t work.

Because at the end… we need to focus on what we want.
And to get there we can use any of the roads – strategies, methods, techniques…

It’s OK if you want to quit…
– the habits that hold you back,
– the food that is bad for your health,
– the books that don’t engage you,
– the relationships that are not supporting you,
– the business that’s not making you better…

That still doesn’t make you a quitter.
You are just making course-correction (don’t you just love the word?)

It’s nothing bad with quitting sometimes.
If it doesn’t make you happy or excited, you have all the rights to change your mind, try something else, go different direction.

It’s your choice.
It’s your life, no one else’s.

Don’t hold on the things that are not good for you. Even if everyone is telling you otherwise. Even if it’s “smart” thing to do. Even if you invested time and money…

Look into the future.
Are there any reasons you should go on?
Will it bring you what you are looking for?
Will it get you to where you want?

Or are you holding on just for the sake of the past,
hoping that something will change in the future.

You have the power to change it.
You have the keys in your hands.
And you have the choice to quit what is not serving you any more.

Above all, listen to yourself. If what you are doing is not working for you, stop hoping that someday it will…

Leave it behind and find what feels better 🙂


To your dreams,