Little steps are enough!

We are already well in the holiday season and it’s time to take a look at your life and this past year.

  • Did you accomplish your goals?
  • How many dreams did you make true?
  • How much did you cross from your wish list?
  • What about those resolutions?

If you missed your targets, don’t beat yourself up. Look at your present situation from neutral position.

What would you say to a friend in the same situation? I bet you would not tell her she’s a loser. Why are you so hard on yourself? Why are you so harsh? Ruthless? Even mean.

Accept what it is. You’ll not improve your present situation by worrying about the past. Not to mention seeing your better future if you are stuck in your mistakes.

The best advice I can give (which I was given) is:

Fail and fail often. You can only get better by trying again and again.

“The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.” Stephen McCranie

The changes, your decisions and attitude determine your life. How you look at things and how you live every moment of your life. It’s not so much about big changes, huge leaps or completely opposite option. It’s about small moments as simple as watching TV or reading a book, going to gym or staying on sofa, making that phone call or not.

And everything is your decision. You are the captain of your ship and it’s time to take command. What are you going to do in every moment is what makes the big difference. Make those decisions you can. Take charge and claim responsibility for your life.

Change what you can and accept what you can’t. It’s your decision!

Whatever you are planning for next year – new love, starting a family, getting a dog, writing a book, founding a business or loosing weight, make commitment to take responsibility and to make those every day decisions that will lead you closer to your goal.
What small changes can you make? What are some easy decisions you can choose every day? Click To Tweet

Can you drink coffee with less sugar, can you commit to write for 30 minutes every day, can you contact one potential client a day….

Accept that it’s your life, your choices, your decision. You are the one who can make or brake you and your dreams. Not your family, your friends, economy, government.

When you see your life as a series of your small decisions, that you are making every moment, you'll get the power to really change something. Click To Tweet

And again, it is those small things… Never forget about the power of small acts.

Did you ever hear about the butterfly effect? It is said that if the butterfly move its wings in Japan, the movement of air can be detected all across the world. Even if that’s not true (who knows, right), it’s a great concept. But I’m sure you’ve heard about the compound interests known in financial world? Think of your small acts as money, see it grow.

The big snow ball is started with single snowflakes.

Start your own ball by taking one little step at the time. By making different decisions today, the ones that are in line with your big goals.

Just start!



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