What kind of world are you living in?

Everyone is on Facebook these days. Is your FB a happy place or place where you get your daily dose of drama and despair?

I didn’t even think about Facebook like this before. But… my husband always like to share his newsfeed with me and I started to notice who talks a lot about negative things – accidents, murders, robberies, dirty politics… MY Facebook newsfeed is nothing like that. Mine is full of inspiring quotes, positive messages and stories that melt your heart. I follow people and causes that are positive, uplifting and empowering.

{DreamLifeCreation} What kind of world do you live in?


And as in everything in life, we have a choice what we want to see in our newsfeed. I don’t have any problems unfriending someone or unliking the page that posts things I don’t like. Most people don’t do that. They just keep complaining. DId you ever see that post: »There are so many negative stuff on Facebook, let’s make it prettier/happier/friendlier with flowers/puppies…«. Well, great to share the positive images, but do you really have to include the negative comment?

I choose to live in the world with positive stories and good people.

I don’t see negative things because I chose not to. I’m not saying they are not happening, I just prefer not to have them in my life. I’m also not completely oblivious of what’s going on in the world, but the only way I can make it a better place is to make my life and lives of those around me a better place.

I also don’t watch TV news or read newspapers, because they are so focused on digging out bad and dirty things. I understand there are bad stories, but there are way more positive stories of people helping and lifting each other, overcoming their limitations and conquering, of finding new and better ways to live, to work and support each other.

Sometimes when you can’t change the situation, your only option is to change your attitude.

Just like on Facebook, you have a choice. You can choose your point of view in every situation.

  • Are your friends positive or are they creating drama around you?
  • Is your family supporrtive or are they dragging you down?
  • Is your job interesting and fulfilling or is draining your energy?

How can you remove those people and situations? How can you remove yourself from the negative world?

When you don't participate in drama and gossip, people will stop sharing it with you. Click To Tweet

When you don’t complain and look for the positive, more positive will come. When you don’t react to the negative situation and don’t get all involved, you ‘ll stay calm and focused on solution.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Be the bearer of good news.
Share inspiring stories.
Help others even if only by giving them a smile or a hug.
Be that positive light in the world around you.
Keep the shadows behind.

Here is me with my kids sharing Free Hugs:

{DreamLifeCreation} Free Hugs


Choose and deliberately create the world you want to live in!

With love,




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