It All Starts With YOU

Find the need, they say.
Decide on your market, they say.
Choose your niche, they say.
Serve your customer.
Go live..
Have a group.
Build a list.
Start Youtube channel.
Post on all social media.
Create funnels…..

And I agree with them… to some extent.
And you should definitely do those… at some point.

But when you are just starting out,
when you don’t know exactly what’s your market,
what will you sell,
how will you serve,
who’s your customer,
how you’ll make money,
where will you promote…

then (and every moment after too)

I know, not exactly what others are saying 🙂
And I agree with all those ACTIONS they suggest,
but I’m not talking here about what TO DO.
I’m talking about how you FEEL.

What are you passionate about?
How do you want your business to be?
When are you the best?
What’s exciting and fun?
What fits your lifestyle?

Start with YOUR OWN needs and wants.

Then show up, share and give value
and you’ll start attracting the right customers,
you’ll be in the right market and
everything else will be easier.

Sure, you can do it the other way around,
but you’ll struggle and push and be miserable.
You might even make money,
but at what cost?
You can’t build your dreams
if you offer to build someone else’s.

It’s NOT selfish if you put yourself first.

LOVE YOURSELF enough to build a business that you love,
TRUST yourself enough to grow audience that will trust you.
SHOW UP in a way that will be easy for others to connect with you and share your value with their friends.

It’s YOUR life, YOUR business, YOUR dreams!

To your dreams,

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