Good Enough Is Perfect

How many times you created something and it didn’t end up exactly as you imagined? Not even close to what you dreamed of?

And then you start beating yourself…

I didn’t tried enough.
I should prepared more.
I should ask someone who knows better.
If only I would learn more.
And do it differently.
Why didn’t I listen to that guru?


Let me tell you a story. Recent story.

I’ve got this brainwave to start interviewing others (again). I’ve done it before and I kinda knew what to do and how it goes. But few years passed and some things changed. I jumped into it, excited, people lined up for next 3 months…
And then I did the first interview. We laughed, we had fun, we enjoyed it.
But when I hung up, million questions and doubts came up.

I should have asked her different questions.
Why didn’t I say that?
I always finish strange, not really knowing how to say goodbye.
I would be better if I dressed differently.
And the light was awful.
I don’t like the layout of the video.
The live streaming didn’t work as I expected.
And this. And that…
And all I saw was flaws, mistakes and shortcomings.

But guess what?

I did it.
I moved forward.
I took action.
I’m doing what I love.
I’m excited about it.

And that’s enough.
It doesn’t have to be perfect.
Good enough is perfect.

Because perfect is invisible, unreachable, something no one ever achieved. Yes, we say something is perfect, but I bet the author would find many ways to improve.

At some point you have to say:

It’s good enough.

Because you are.
You are good enough. You are perfect just being good enough! Click To Tweet

To your dreams,

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