How Our Family Manifested Dream Vacations

Years ago my friend volunteered in Africa and she inspired me to do something similar.

I started looking for different options and since I am also Parenting and Law of Attraction Coach I focused on helping children. When I first told my family about my vision, I got mixed reactions. Tina (my youngest) was excited to see different countries (and animals), Anja (the oldest) would go only if we find some place with the beach and my husband was skeptical about the whole thing. But with time they all agreed that’s a good idea.

So when our traditional Christmas vision board party started we all knew that we will be creating a vision board for the volunteering. We found a wonderful place in Bali, Slukat Learning Center (HINT: if you are thinking of volunteering yourself or with your family, there is no better place:).

It has everything we wanted:

  • we would be helping kids,
  • the beach is close,
  • we would have time to go sightseeing (of course the animals too) and
  • we would have plenty of time for our own.

We found the pictures, wrote the words and

created this magical vision board



I contacted the volunteer coordinator and found out that they have everything booked for the time that we chose. But we didn’t lose hope. I keep asking her about other possibilities, because different time was not an option due to school holidays.

We were planning our trip as if we are going.

And after 3 months the lady wrote to me explaining that she found the place for us to stay and that they would be happy to have us there. What a gift! So we booked our flights, organized the party and asked all our friends to donate the pencils, colors, crayons and other stationary that we carried with us for the kids. And the money part? It just miraculously appeared. My husband received a special bonus that we did not expect at all and exactly at the right time to pay the flights (which was the most expensive thing).

It was the best experience ever. I don’t know if the vision board was »responsible« for the outcome but it definitely helped that we put it in our living room, right above our TV.

Not only we kept looking at our vision,

it was also a great conversation starter in the family and with our guests.

We learnt so much and we had the best time, so we are definitely going back 😉 Read HERE, what our family gained from the volunteering abroad.

Just keep dreaming,



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