9 Ways to fall in Love with Yourself (again)

Do you love yourself? Do you really? When you look in the mirror in the morning, do you greet yourself with smile and pride? Do you say: hello, gorgeous! I do. Really, I do. Actually every time I saw my reflection in the mirror. And even when I’m not looking at my best, I can find something to be excited about. I also talk to myself a lot. Nice things. Encouraging things.

But it wasn’t always like that…

I used to hate mirrors. I was criticizing myself all the time. Every mistake I made I blew out of proportions. Wanted to know everything and do it right. Wanted to be perfect all the time.

Until my girlies started to care about the appearance. Which was the first thing I didn’t like about myself. I was too tall, with few pounds too many, I have freckles, my hair is too thin and undefinable color… well, hardly anything I could like:) How can I be good role model for my kids and their self-esteem?

Of course I didn’t change over night.

First time I realized there is a connection between self-love and self-esteem was one winter some years ago, when I cuddled in the sofa, drank my coffee and watched TV. I loved transformations of all kinds (ok, I admit, still do, that’s why I love my work) – renovations, reconstructions, make-overs, overcoming addictions, healings…  and it got me thinking… How can these people got so low? WHY????

I’m sure you know the answer. They left themselves hidden somewhere behind all the walls, letting others (persons or things) to lead their lives. And once they broke the chain, they started to see themselves in new light. They started to accept, value and love themselves.

Here are 9 ways you can fall in love with you again, too

1. Accept who you are

You are not perfect and you never will be. We all have our flaws and make mistakes. But that’s what makes us human. We must learn to live with what we have. Even when you want to change something, change your words, actions, habits… which don’t define who you truly are. They are learnt behavior and they can be un-learnt.

2. Be grateful

There is always so much we can be grateful for. Find what you like in your life.See the beauty in you and around you. See people that are helping you. Acknowledge situations that are teaching you. The more you’ll see it, easier it will be to find more.

3. Forgive your past

Not forget, forgive. Move on. You made mistakes, others made mistakes. Don’t let the past define your present. Learn from it and go forward. It was what it was. I know how it feels when you are replaying that scene over and over again. Don’t spend your days thinking about what ifs, I shoulds, coulds…

4. Take responsibility

This is your life. Not anybody else’s. Why would you want to give someone the steering wheel? But you are if you blame others for your misfortune or if you are looking outside for validation. Admit mistakes and do it right next time. Don’t react, but act. Be in charge. And whatever happens to you and with you, it’s your call. You can always choose your feelings and emotions about it (even in situations where you can’t do anything about).

5. Find your own beauty

Have you ever heard the phrase “perfectly imperfect”. That’s what you are! Perfect in your own imperfect way. If it’s hard for you to believe that, choose “unique”. No matter how many people were, is or will be on Earth, there never will be anyone like you. How can you make it special?


6. Welcome support

If someone wants to offer help, accept it. If someone gives a compliment, take it. If you need more, get a professional to coach you. There is nothing wrong with you if you don’t do it by yourself. Think how much more you can become if you let you own glow come out.

7. Dig out your desires

What did you like to do when you were younger? What was your passion? Hobbies? Dreams? Let them out. And there is nothing wrong if you have new ideas today. The worst thing it can happen is that you don’t know what YOU want. And so many people don’t. Following your passion will give you motivation to be the best YOU. And becoming YOU will give you more satisfaction than any money, success or award.

8. Enjoy your “me” time

Do you even have “me” time? Do you spend some time alone, with your own thoughts and feelings? You should. You should listen to yourself, deep down in you. At first it might be awkward, because we are so used to have someone (or something) to tell us what to do and what to think, that our own thoughts can be scary. Or exciting. Try it and enjoy!

9. Go crazy

Do something you don’t usually do. Do something crazy! You’ll see how much power you have within and you’ll be glad you woke up.

and extra tip:

10. Write a Journal

Let your old negative feelings out and focus on the positive. Start creating the best possible way you can live your life. Get your own copy of LOVE YOURSELF JOURNAL to combine gratitude, affirmations and journaling on your path to amazing YOU.

Finding yourself hidden behind all those layers can be hard work. But it’s so rewarding. Don’t listen to those who want “old you” back. They might tell you all kinds of reasons, why you are not your “normal self” and why should you stop acting crazy. Don’t! Be YOU!

Love Yourself for who you are!

You are AMAZING!


p.s. And while you are exploring ways to love yourself more, why don’t you try 101 AFFIRMATION CARDS, so you are always reminded how beautiful, amazing and unique you are and you deserve everything you wish for,


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