I’m sitting in the waiting rooms at different hospitals and doctors’ offices a lot lately. My daughter is having headache for some time now, and we are still searching for the cause and the cure. She is big enough to go and see the doctor for herself, but I’m driving her there and back home (I’m so grateful for working from home!).

While I wait for her, I usually just play games on my phone. No judgement, please, I can’t concentrate on any serious work with all the chatter around.

So I sit, play and can’t help but listen to conversations around me. And all, to the last one, revolves around illnesses, injuries and other troubles that brought people to see a doctor. With all the details how it started, how it progressed, how bad it is, how much pain it gives…

People get excited to talk about their troubles. They put tremendous amount of feelings in it. They are passionate about it. And sort of proud, what they endure.

I know and I understand that sickness and illness can be life-changing and can affect the way we live so much. I see that every day with my daughter. She has this headache for weeks now and no matter what we do, it doesn’t go away.

But… we don’t get excited when talking about it. It’s a serious situation, but we choose not to give it more meaning, or worse, to let it define our days.

What you focus on, expands.


The basic premise of Law of Attraction is that you attract what you think about. Or more precisely, where you put your energy and feelings.


[icon icon=icon-exclamation-sign size=20px color=#3D6EFF ] Do you give more attention to your troubles than your victories?

[icon icon=icon-exclamation-sign size=20px color=#3D6EFF ] Do you focus on problems instead of solutions?

[icon icon=icon-exclamation-sign size=20px color=#3D6EFF ] Do you get excited to talk about your shortcomings more than your strenghtts?

[icon icon=icon-exclamation-sign size=20px color=#3D6EFF ] Are you more passionate about your obstacles than about the ways to overcome them?





Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more.
If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.
(Oprah Winfrey)

When we talk about the problems, our illness, mishaps, accidents.. we usually get lots of attention. People want to know the details. They are sympathetic and seem caring. When we are down, no one says anything negative. They all offer encouragement, support and give us validation.

Think about it!

What you get from your complaining? What it gives you? Attention? Validation? Do you get more time with your loved ones? What benefits do you experience? Do you feel that you can’t get that for something good?



What you can do?




Here are some little action steps:


[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=20px color=#800080 ] Start writing a gratitude journal. Write each day 5 things you are grateful for (I use iPad app calld Grip Diary and every day it gives me different prompts to reflect on my day – What did I accomplish? What made me happy? What did I do for myself? What did I do for my family?)

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=20px color=#800080 ] Become aware of your words and how you talk to yourself and others about your life. Consciously choose to focus on positive more than negative.

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=20px color=#800080 ] Can you go one day without complaining?

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=20px color=#800080 ] Have a buddy, someone who can keep you responsible for your behaviour

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=20px color=#800080 ] For every negative thought find 1-3 positive ones.

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=20px color=#800080 ] If you are up for a game to really understand this law of attraction, go one day and see how many hearts can you find. It can be anything – a picture in a book or in a magazine, quote online, heart-shaped leaf, shadow, pattern… And every time you see it, do a little dance (even if only in your mind). You’ll see that you’ll keep finding more and more hearts in different shapes and forms. If you want, I’d like to see pictures of them on Facebook (did you join Dream Life Creation group?).


Stay positive!