Why your DREAMS are more important than your GOALS?

You’ve probably heard it many times

Dreams without goals are just that – dreams, and without plan they will stay only wishes.

And I agree with it.

If you have a dream and you are not taking action towards it, dream will stay a dream.

But… how many of your goals are not connected to your dreams? How many items on your to-do list are there because they should be? How many of your plans are actually limiting or paralysing you? Forcing you to do something that is not aligned with your vision? Leaving you frustrated by the actions you resist or fear?

Do you want an example?

Weight loss. So many diets, programs, theories, exercise routines… It’s really easy to set a goal, new year’s resolution: »This year I’ll loose 15 kilos. Now I really made up my mind. Let’s do it!« And you follow your diet, you sweat at the gym… and nothing. The scale stays the same. But you still feel much better, you look better, more confident, have more energy. How is that even possible? I’m no weight-loss expert, but I know that muscles are heavier than fat. So you might loose fat, build on muscles and you still weight the same.

Which means you failed your goal, right?!?! Well, nooooo, if you reached your dream.

Because weight loss is never only about the weight, it’s about feeling better, healthier, happier.

And that’s why dreams are more important than goals.

Goals are targets – sometimes you hit them, sometimes you miss.

You can have very SMART goals (you know – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely), but you can still fell short even if you do everything possible and give it all you got. Sometimes the result doesn’t depend on you alone. Sometimes the circumstances change. And sometimes you fail.

On the other hand,

Dreams are the driving force, the feelings and emotions, the WHY behind all our actions.

If you want to feel good, will the weight determine your level of happiness? If you want to be successful, does it depends on the money you make?

Don’t get me wrong. Goals are important! They give us tangible outcome we want to reach and they show us where to focus.


“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.” Les Brown

Dreams are so much more:

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=16px color=f60b51 ] They give us power.

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=16px color=f60b51 ] They force us to believe in ourselves.

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=16px color=f60b51 ] They require to have faith.

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=16px color=f60b51 ] They make us unstoppable,

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=16px color=f60b51 ] They bring out the best of us.

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=16px color=f60b51 ] They show us possibilities.

[icon icon=icon-star-empty size=16px color=f60b51 ] They change lives.

Are your dreams big enough? Are your goals connected to your dreams? Are you working on reaching your dreams or checking off your to-do list? Are you following the right goals?


To your dreams, xoxo



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