What is Your WHY?

WHY is the most important question you can ask yourself every day. Why are your dreams important to you? Why are you doing the things that you do? Are these things bringing you closer to your why?

Here is another inspirational video for you (with a little homework):


Hello and welcome to another cup of coffee with me. I’m Alenka Tercic from dreamlifecreation.com with another inspirational video.

Today I want to talk about the power of WHY?

You know… why are you doing the things you do? Why are you dreams important? What’s behind them?

But first of all, are your dreams really yours? Do you really want them for yourself and because of yourself or because someone told you to or for any other reason – to impress others or because you are supposed to have them…

Look at your dreams and ask yourself: Do I really want it? Do I want it for myself, my happiness, for my joy and my pleasure?

Then ask yourself WHY? Why do you want it? What is behind your dream? Why you want to accomplish it? Why it’s important to you? How will your life be different?

Because WHY is not a goal, a destination. It’s more the way of life… And if you digg enough you’ll get to few common reasons we do what we do. To be happier, more fulfilled, accomplished, proud…

Get really clear on your WHY. Why? Because once you know what’s behind your goals, your dreams, you’ll feel more motivated to do what needs to be done.

Here is my vision board for my why, It reminds me of my reasons. l have several areas here which can be summoned probably in one word- freedom. I just wanted to make it more specific and tangible. And there are areas that I’m pretty happy about and I feel I am living my dreams, while others are still unfulfilled and I still need to make them happen.

When people say, I want to be a millionaire – they really don’t need 1 million dollars, they want what they can buy or experience with the money.

But seeing the reason – my WHY – all the Time gives me direction, focus and motivation to go on. And for making the choice to live every day as we wish to live. To experience those feelings even if we don’t have million $.

So… what is your WHY? When you know your why, you’ll also know what to do in every situation.

Think about it! What can you do right now to feel more of what you want to achieve? How can you experience these feelings right now, even before you reach your goals or your dreams?

Please share your why or your thoughts or feelings about it in the comments area below the video. I’d love to hear from you.

For now, take care, have a good time and start living your dreams! Bye!

With love,


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