Count Your Miracles

Have you started your gratitude journal? Now add another one!

You can use the same notebook, a new one,
you can use jar or box
or anything where you will keep count of gifts and miracles you receive.

You can call it

Manifestation Diary, Miracle Journal or Magic Box,

whatever you want, but keep it magical.

This one is different from gratitude journal, because here you keep track of manifestations that you attracted to you. You are not writing “usual” things in it, you are creating magic.

Write about little surprises,
about serendipities and coincidences,
about unexpected gifts or developments,
about meeting someone or seeing something,
that made a difference in your life.
Write about all the gifts you receive,
about answers to your prayers
and about hints you hear or see.

When you focus on miracles,
you get more and more of them!

And when you forget how blessed you are, or you have a bad day
you can go back, through your notes, to remind you of all the miracles around.




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