Are too many choices blocking you?

Every day, every moment, we are bombarded with thousands of ideas, things, choices… What to wear? What to eat? What to read? What to do? Who to listen? Who to meet? Who to please? And on and on and on…

The average person has between 15.000 – 50.000 (some say even 70.000) thoughts per day. Some are simple or pretty straight forward, while some are complex and require active participation, thinking and consciously deciding.

But, do you agree with me that most of those thoughts are choices that we need to make?

What if we put too much thinking into it? Too much pressure on ourselves? What if we fear we’ll make the wrong decision? Or when we think too long about something? Try to find more information that only add more pressure (and confusion) to our thinking process?

We all love endless possibilities, the freedom to have what we want, the power to choose.

Isn’t this freedom actually blocking us? Aren’t we too obsessed with »the right choice« that we often don’t choose? Or we prefer to stick with the old known that go to the unknown?

Aren’t we giving others the privilege to choose for us? When we »don’t know« what to order in the restaurant? Then we choose what others are having… Or when going to the cinema how do we select the movie? When buying clothes. Or toothbrush or detergent…

Too many choices are blocking us, blocking our progress.


I’m all for the choice, but I still prefer simplicity.

I almost stopped shopping in big supermarkets. Because going to a small shop where they only have one type of milk, one type of butter, one type of dog food… gives me time and peace of mind. I go in, collect the things from my shopping list and go out. Nothing to over-think and stress about. I’m in and out in few minutes. And have time to do other things. I don’t fall for newest and best and scientifically proven and medically tested marketing hype (of course I do my own research, but don’t exaggerate).

For me, saving my time, energy (and money) is far more important than freedom of choice.

[icon icon=icon-puzzle-piece size=14px color=#CDCDCD ] How many times did you do nothing just because you couldn’t decide?

[icon icon=icon-puzzle-piece size=14px color=#CDCDCD ] How many times you let others choose for you, because you didn’t feel competent enough?

[icon icon=icon-puzzle-piece size=14px color=#CDCDCD ] And how many opportunities you let sleep by, because you were over-thinking and over-exploring it?

[icon icon=icon-puzzle-piece size=14px color=#CDCDCD ] Where are too many choices and too much information stopping you?

[icon icon=icon-puzzle-piece size=14px color=#CDCDCD ] What decisions are you postponing because of too many options?

[icon icon=icon-puzzle-piece size=14px color=#CDCDCD ] How can you narrow your list and go with the simplest one?

Do you want to stay where you are? Stay on the same path? Keep the same life?

Not making any choice is a choice too.

But if you want to move forward, change the things you don’t like… make a choice. Even if it’s a wrong own, you’ll be moving in the right direction. You can always change your choice and make a better one.

Start practising with simple options.

Decide to have an opinion for everything for a day. Or a week. Always state what you want. From the simplest things like choosing meal, tea or coffee, where to go for a walk… to more challenging ones.

Choose something no matter what. And you’ll see how more powerful you will feel. You’ll acknowledge your own value. You’ll empower yourself to make decisions in every situation.

Don’t let the abundance of choices block your progress!





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