Change Your Story, Change Your Life

I met a friend some time ago. We sit down for a coffee and, of course, we started talking about good old times. It was fun remembering the events 10 or 15 years ago. But then… she told a story about something and it was not even close to how I recall it. Which got me thinking:

Are my memories all true? Did they really happen the way I remember them?

And the answer is clearly: NO!

We are often telling stories to make excuses for our current situations. We are using them to get sympathy, compassion, care, love. We are justifying our behaviour, our habits, our decisions…

But what if they are just that –  STORIES. Imagined and fantasized, put together in our heads and made to make us feel better.

And just like you imagined one story, you can create a completely NEW story. Click To Tweet

New story, where you react differently, where you stood up for yourself, where you win… New story, that you will not use as an excuse, but as an inspiration. New story that will empower you and lay better foundation for your future.

When you change your stories, you literally change your life.

Because it's really not about what happened, it's about what we think it happened. Click To Tweet

You can literally re-write your whole life. You can twist events, conversations and people to your liking. You can imagine whatever you want. But most importantly, you can let go of the hooks and ropes of the negative situations, that you are repeating over and over again. You can transform those situations to be at least negative, so they have no impact on your present life.

I’m not telling you to pretend something bad never happened. This can be harmful as well. But make peace with it, write better ending and move on. There is nothing worse than staying stuck in the negative situations. Only when you will let go, you’ll be free to live more.

Just like changing your past stories, you can create future stories.

Not only by changing your past events, when you make peace from it, but by directing your future situations. Imagine your perfect life, the circumstances and outcomes.

Instead of saying

  • “I’m not good at writing.”
  • “I can’t write.”
  • “I never finish my work.”

say something like:

  • “What I write turns out great.”
  • “I always know what to say.”
  • “I am happy with my finished products.”

I know these looks like affirmations (and they are), but you can expand on them and tell more. Include more details, your feelings, your emotions, all senses. Imagine the feedback, the congratulations, the praise…

  • What will you be seeing?
  • What will you hear others say?
  • What will you smell?
  • How will make you feel?
  • What will you do?

It’s as easy to create a negative story as it is a positive one. But it’s much easier and more fun to live with the positive one 😉

Keep dreaming,


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