Change just one habit at the time

If you are anything like me, you read a lot. Books, articles, blogposts.. I’m soaking information and tips and advices how to be better person, better mother, better wife, better businesswoman… And the worst thing is they all make sense, most of them at least. Sometimes I wonder why the hell didn’t I think of it. Usually I have, but I have always also found something better, bigger, shinier…

And as I read (and save, print out and highlight) these resources, I add so many ideas and tasks to my to-do list, that at the end it’s so overwhelming I don’t even know where to begin.

I think many of you can relate. We live in the information overload and it’s really difficult to choose one thing and stick with it. But that’s exactly what I urge you to do.

Keep your ideas, to-do’s and must-do’s in a separate folder or file or notebook, so you’ll not worry to lose them or not remember them at some point later in your life.

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It doesn’t have to be most important or difficult or biggest issue. You might prefer to start small.

Just choose one habit!

1. Write it down!

Use positive statement in present tense, like an affirmation. Then write down all the pros and cons for the change.

  • What will you gain?
  • What will you lose?
  • What will you experience?
  • What will you need to give up?

Look deep within. Often things you are doing are not directly connected with the obvious.

For example, I love coffee, but I mostly drink it for pleasure of meeting friends or sitting down with my family and chat. I use it for breaks between work. If I give up coffee, I feel I would lose all of that. Which of course is not true!I could just replace the coffee with some other drink. So it’s not about coffee at all 😉

2. Picture yourself in the future with this habit already in place.

Imagine your life.

Write down all the feelings and use all the senses to describe it.

Be excited and positive.

3. What you need to get to that place?

Start small, with little steps. Think of it like marathon training. You would not start your preparation with 20 miles, but you would build up your strength, stamina, your technique.

Create your own »training« routine. What can you do immediately? Where do you need help? Maybe you need coach, therapist, mentor… Just because you can’t do everything by yourself, it doesn’t mean you should ignore it or quit.

Make sure your first steps are easy and only slightly uncomfortable. If you need, break it down to even smaller tasks. You can even create a 1-minute habit to just get started.

1-minute habit is a habit, that takes only 1 minute to accomplish and is so simple, that you can do it easily, without a sweat. You can decide to clean for 1 minute, write for 1 minute, read for 1 minute… And once you start, you usually don’t end at 1 minute, but you do more, so you feel accomplished and eager to repeat it and do more. Often times these habits are just triggers for your action e.g. getting dresses for the gym. And after 1 minute you decide if you have enough or you proceed.

4. Then actually do it.

The circumstances will never be just right. You have to take the plunge and go for it. If you make it simple enough, it will be over before you know it.

Over time you’ll build up your habit muscle and all of the sudden you won’t know how you lived without it.

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You’ll get it done easier and faster. And you’ll immediately see the effects, both positive and negative. Often times, when we try to build too many habits or change too many things at the time, it becomes overwhelming. You also can’t tell which of these changes are making you troubles. When you are doing one by one, you will notice the effects immediately and you can correct your behaviour or whatever needs to be done instead of quitting all your intended changes.

And the best part… when we change one thing, often times the effects spill on other things as well, so you’ll end up adopting new habits easier and faster than you imagined.

But again, the most important part – DO IT.

Take action! Take charge of your life!

Make choices that empower you and bring you closer to your dreams.

I believe in you!



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