Believe it before you see it!

Did you notice how many people say

»I’ll believe it when I see it.«

when they are faced with something new, unfamiliar or strange to them. While this can be true for certain situations, there are many more when this can’t apply.

If you want something new in your life, you have to believe it before you see it. Click To Tweet

But how do you do that?

When you are faced with some new information, opportunity, new projects, people and situations, the first thing you »see« is how you react to it.

  • Do you like the idea?
  • Does it make you feel good?
  • Do you think it’s possible, that it can be done?
  • Do you trust the person (or resource) who introduced you to it?
  • Do you see yourself doing it, having it, being it?
  • Do you see yourself in a better place after accepting this?

If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. Henry Ford

You see, it’s not the product, project, opportunity… that is good or bad. You can probably find evidence for both sides, the positive and negative. It’s your belief that determines the value. If you think and believe you can do it or you can achieve something, you will. You will find evidence and stories that will contribute to your belief.

What you focus on, expands.

But if you are thinking: »Well, this might work. I’ll give it a try, but I’m just not sure. Let’s see what happens.« you are already given up. You already decided it won’t work. You are not ready to put everything into it. You’ll try it for someone else. To prove to yourself or someone close to you that you tried, but you just knew it won’t work for you.

In that case, better be honest and say NO. Don’t go into something for all the wrong reasons. You’ll just waste your time, energy, probably money too. And you’ll end up blaming others that introduced you to the idea.

How can you believe it before you see it?

[icon icon=icon-star size=18px color=#800080 ] Listen to yourself, your inner wisdom. That’s the most important step. If you don’t find it likeable, doable, exciting, attracive… don’t go for it. When it’s something you are afraid of or maybe it requires hard work, but you are excited about it and you can’t wait to get started, then it’s the right thing. You just know it’s good thing, if you listen to your inner talk.

[icon icon=icon-star size=18px color=#800080 ] Look for positive evidence. Find books, articles, videos… about people who have done it. Empower your sense of positive side of it. If you are venturing into something completely new, look for similar experiences, maybe in different field.

[icon icon=icon-star size=18px color=#800080 ] Learn from others. Study the actions, wins and mistakes of those, who have been there. What can you apply in your case?

[icon icon=icon-star size=18px color=#800080 ] Get help. Find someone who can do it with you or for you. When there are things you can’t do (either you don’t have the knowledge or skills or you don’t have time), find assistance.

[icon icon=icon-star size=18px color=#800080 ] Find cheering and accountability partners. Look for a friend, coach, mentor… The change and progress are difficult and it’s always easier with a friend and someone who can pick you up when you stop believing.

[icon icon=icon-star size=18px color=#800080 ] Keep your eyes on the prize. Create a vision board, reminder, screensaver… Put pictures of your goal everywhere. Even better if you can put yourself in there (have any friends with photo-shopping skills?)

[icon icon=icon-star size=18px color=#800080 ] Journal. Keep track of your progress. Appreciate every step, every win and loss on your way. Be grateful for every sign in your life showing you how awesome you are.

When you believe in something you just know it will come true. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually. Have faith and trust yourself. Do necessary steps and don’t be afraid to venture into unknown. And don’t be too proud to ask for help.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to. But you must decide first that you are setting your mind for success and win. Click To Tweet

But first, believe in yourself!





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