Here it is.. 2018, the best year of your life, the year you’ll finally be, do and have everything you’ve ever wanted. You’ll finally stick to your resolutions, reach your goals, make that breakthrough…

And I honestly wish that you do. But I also have to break it to you… You won’t if you focus on what you need to DO.

You see, nowadays, everyone is PLANNING for the 2018. They put down an income they want to earn, the products they will sell, the courses they will launch… and then working backwards to the tasks and activities they need to DO.

This whole process of planning is actually backwards. It’s so easy to put down the numbers, they are just wishful thinking. How the hell could you know which course or product will sell and how many you can actually sell? You can plan YOUR activities and you can hope and count on others to see the value, but you can’t predict THEIR decisions. You could create the best book/product/offer in the world, you could make anything possible to promote it, but if YOU are not in there, it means NOTHING. And people see it. You could have the best funnel, email campaign, FB ad… if you are not IT, it won’t sell. Sorry! Well, actually, it might sell, but for the wrong reasons and to the “wrong” people. You might even make money with it, but you’ll not LOVE it. You’ll not enjoy it, because you’ll FORCE it.

You have to BECOME what you are sharing and selling.
You have to FEEL it.
You have to BE it.

No matter what you are selling, you are selling YOURSELF. Your energy, your vibe, your points of view, your thoughts, your insights, your lessons…

You could copy/paste someone else’s blueprint, steps, exact same process.. people will know it’s not YOU. You could imitate others, following what they are doing… people will know it’s not YOU.

YOU have to add YOU in the equation.
You have to bring YOUR energy into it.
You have to BE what you teach.

No, that doesn’t mean you have to be a millionaire, have multiple 6-figures businesses, mansion and all that to start coaching others how to start or run a business. You don’t have to be a fitness model to share your fitness journey. You don’t have to wear size 0 to teach about weight-loss. You don’t have to have it perfect, you just need to be one step ahead of your audience. That’s who you ARE.

But you can’t coach others on things you have not done. You can’t fake your way onto “higher” level, you have to BECOME it first.

So.. instead of asking yourself what will you DO or ACHIEVE in 2018, ask:


When you’ll know, everything will fall together, in place and you’ll create everything else with ease and flow. You’ll not care about the sales, the income, the numbers… you’ll know you are doing what you are meant to do and nothing else will matter. Except you’ll get everything else by doing what matters to YOU.





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