Are your BIG dreams blocking you?

They say:

If your dream doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough.

But what if it’s too big? Too scary? What if your big dream is actually paralyzing you?

I’m huge advocate of dreaming big, and biggger, even bigger. Yet some time ago I changed my approach. Wanna know why?

I was discussing my big dream within my mastermind group and I was explaining how much I love interviewing others (why the hell am I not doing it more?!?!) and how I enjoy showcasing other’s passion and discussing their lessons. And one of the members of the group exclaimed:

»You could be next Oprah!«

Well, I admire Oprah and love what she’s doing and I agree that to some extent our passion is similar. Who wouldn’t want to be like her? At first I was really impressed and flattered. I was laughing and accepting »the compliment«, but inside me everything was screaming:

»You could never be next Oprah. Look what she’s done. Look how successful she is. How could you possibly compare to her? No way you could accomplish so much….«

The bar was raised so high that it actually left me questioning my whole purpose, passion and dream.

It was not only scary, it was paralysing. It was difficult to admit I don’t want to be next Oprah. I mean who wouldn’t want to be like her. I was kind of ashamed that my dream is not that big. Yes, I don’t mind being inspiring and rich as Oprah, but I don’t need to be like her to feel fulfilled and accomplished.

So I’m keeping my dream a little smaller, a bit more realistic and achievable. It’s still big, but not as big as it could be. But it’s enough. It’s more than enough.

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We are in different situation and on different path. It’s perfectly fine to look up to them, to learn from them, but…

…we need to have our own dreams. No matter how small, it’s ours.

How big are your dreams? Are they inspiring or blocking you?

Do you act on it or are you so overwhelmed, that you are stuck, not knowing where to begin? If you are only dreaming and wishing for some magic to happen, maybe it’s time to shrink your dreams. Make them more reachable, more realistic, more yours. Make them more in alignment with who you are right now.

Every dream is valid and honorable and worth pursuing.

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Not everyone wants to drive Ferrari, live in a mansion and earn millions. Don’t be ashamed if you prefer a little cottage or minivan.

It’s your dream. Yours alone. Own it and make it happen.

You can totally do it. One step at the time.




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