Are You Dancing to Your Own Rhythm?

As we are getting into the fall season here on the Northern Hemisphere, we are again reminded of the powerful natural cycles.

The fall is the time of abundance, we harvest what we sowed in the spring and what grew during the warm summer months, it’s the peak of returns and rewards for our efforts. It is also time to wind down, to see the brevity and end of things.

Everything turns, changes, gets born, grows and dies.

But we, humans, are too smart for these. We ignore the natural rhythms of the year, of the moon and of days. We work, work, work with the same focus, determination and persistence no matter what.

We forget that our own bodies, our lives, our projects… everything is part of the nature. Yet we choose to ignore the natural forces and cycles. And then we are stressed, overwhelmed, worried, tired, even sick and we wonder why.

Taking time to rest, to meditate, to “do nothing” is a luxury, many people think they can’t afford. We are taught to be constantly in motion, we praise the ones who hustle, we admire people who are non-stop working.

But… as in nature, our human bodies work in cycles. We need rest as much as we need action. Our minds need silence as much as new lessons. Our creativity needs space as much as mess around. We need time to grow before we can reap rewards.

How are you honouring your own rhythms?

Do you listen to your body and know when there is time to slow down and when is time to hurry, when to wait and when to move on? Do you know when you are most creative and when you better take a nap? Do you observe your creativity and productivity throughout the month or year?

Or do you get up at certain time because you should? Do you work 9-5 (even when you are your own boss)? Do you catch up with your work during the weekend because you put too much pressure on yourself?

Respect your body rhythms. Acknowledge cycles of the project (or business).

Don’t push against it. Go with the flow.

Of course, don’t use this as an excuse to procrastinate 🙂 You can’t just work when you feel like it. But you can schedule your work around your energy and best times to do something. You can organize your life around the cycles. You can plan your year, month, day honoring your rythms.

And when you do, you’ll feel better, more aligned with your energy and thus much happier.

How can you change your routines right now to benefit from this?



This article was written for and published in CREATIVE REBEL e-magazine (Oct.2015), magazine for creative souls. You can read it online for free.

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