Miracles don’t need to be life-changing, they can be small gifts received and little surprises showing up when you least expect it.

Or serendipities and coincidences appearing exactly at the right moment.

Think of small gifts you wish to receive!

Like smile, hug, love, coffee, nice words, song, flower…

Just wait and see how they will show up.


Expect miracles in your life!


Go through your day knowing something is about to happen. Expecting that those little gifts will appear somehow.

There is nothing you need to do to deserve it! You’re enough and you’ve always been.

Take your gift with an open heart! Acknowledge and appreciate it with open arms.

And say Thank you!


But don’t stop there.

Why don’t you share the love with others today? Give them little something, make their day, invite them for a cup of coffee (or tea), surprise them with small gift…


✨ The more you give, the more you receive. ✨



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Manifesting Miracles