Is this you?

  • You have big dreams and vision.
  • You love working for and by yourself.
  • You bought all the courses there are, you already know more than most.
  • You got the basics down.
  • You are intelligent and smart...


  • You are questioning yourself and what you are doing,
  • You feel alone, lost and confused.
  • You don't trust your inner voice,
  • You let fears get to you.
  • You hide in the DOing and working endless hours  when you need to be more YOU.
  • And it seems you are not getting any closer to your dreams.

I’ve been the same. I’ve been where you are now…. 

I was always busy. When I was with my family, I was frustrated because I didn’t get my job done and when I was working, I was stressed out and feeling sorry that I’m not spending enough time with my family. 

I was afraid that I am missing out so much but my to-do list was just growing, growing, growing and the more I was watching what others are doing, the more I was listening to others, the more I added to my to-do list.

I felt overwhelmed, stressed and irritated.

I was buying course after course, coaching, joining groups and I admit I got something out of every one of them, but I didn’t get what I needed the most. 

I got another strategy, 
I got another action plan, 
I got plenty of ideas (and also plenty of “shoulds”)…

when I really needed someone to tell me I’m not crazy wanting to do it my way (not theirs!), telling me I already know enough, I just need to follow my gut feeling.

I needed someone listening to me and just being there for me, when I started questioning myself

This is who I want to be for YOU.  Not someone telling you what to do, but encouraging you to be YOU.

You don’t need another course, you don’t need another strategy, …

You need someone...

  • who will listen,
  • who will bounce ideas around with you,
  • who will cheer for you,
  • encourage you,
  • inspire you,
  • challenge you,
  • and have some coffee with you.

Let’s meet for 


Coffee Chat + Mastermind

In the coffee chat…

  • We will discuss your feelings and fears.
  • We’ll brainstorm ideas, strategies and next steps.
  • We will find the best strategies for you to feel on top of things.
  • We will challenge your mindset and your stories.
  • We will mastermind a doable plan and 
  • We’ll celebrate!


  • could feel supported and excited about your business again?
  • could feel calm and at peace with what you're doing?
  • could always do what feels right for you?
  • had a clear plan on what you're going to do and stick with it?
  • had someone who listens and understands?
  • could have fun chat with some inspiration along?

What People Are Saying...

How It Works?

  • We’ll meet online (over FB or Zoom) for 90 minutes
  • We’ll discuss issues you are dealing with at that time.
  • We’ll create doable plan with action steps and timeline for next week/month. 
  • After 1 week/month we’ll have a follow up chat (30 min.) to check on your progress.

You need someone who will be there for you and tell you that you are doing great!


Coffee Chat + Mastermind

To your dreams, 

p.s. Your life and business should be fun. You deserve to live your dreams, not fears. And I can help. Let’s meet for a coffee.

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